We thoroughly recondition and clean our pinball machines.This includes disassembling the playfield components,cleaning and waxing the playfield,replacing all of the rubber rings,replacing all burnt out bulbs,adjusting or replacing switches,coils,displays and/or score reels to ensure proper play of the machine.The interior of the machine is vacuumed out and the glass is cleaned.Customers can be sure that their machine will work well and provide them with lots of fun!


Below are some samples of machines I've worked on;

Captain Fantastic

with complete cabinet restoration

Evel Knievel

During restoration and the finished game




Silverball Mania

This is how it came;

During the stripping and repainting of the cabinet;

And the finished product;

This is a Williams "Hot Hand" that had some Major wiring issues

Below is the wiring after I repaired it

World Fair Restoration


Currently "In our Shop"

Past Projects and Restorations

For Sale


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