My name is Curt and I've been a pinball collector,player and technician for more years than I care to mention.My business is repairing,refurbishing and restoring pinball machines and I love what I do.Since I was a kid growing up in the Seventies,I've always enjoyed playing pinball and spent countless hours in arcades,Bowling Alleys,Skating Rinks,Drug Stores,Corner Markets and any other place I could find one of these fabulous mechanical marvels.I'd hate to think how much of my parents' hard earned money I put into pinball machines,but I'm sure it was alot!
 I also learned to fix these machines and at one time had a game room with about 15 pinballs,so it was a necessity to know how to fix them.From broken wires,switches,coils and circuit board repairs,over the years,I've done it all.The next step in my pinball repair evolution was to restore the machines and take them from a sad,unsightly mess,to something that any pinball lover would be proud to call their own.I not only do this as a business,but I also see it as an opportunity to preserve these fabulous pieces of classic Americana.In years past,I've seen and heard of so many machines meeting their fate in a dumpster because they were not able to be fixed,or simply because they had outlived their usefulness and their ability to produce a profit commercially.I like to think that in the future people who maybe have never heard of a pinball machine will be able to enjoy them as well.Thank you for visiting my site and please feel free to contact me if you need repairs or maintenance on your pinball machine.

Portland Pinball Repair